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PowerPlayers | Bill & Kathy Grewe

Welcome to the "PowerPlayers" – an exciting journey into the lives of remarkable individuals who are redefining what it means to thrive in their power years.

In this captivating series, we will introduce you to esteemed members of The PowerYears Network, shining a spotlight on their inspirational stories of living life boldly and with purpose. As we delve into the lives of these extraordinary PowerPlayers, you'll discover the secrets to their success, the wisdom they've gained through experience, and the unique ways they continue to make a profound impact on the world. Get ready to be inspired, because the "PowerPlayers" are here to show us all that age is just a number when it comes to living life to the fullest.


Meet Bill & Kathy Grewe

Bill and Kathy embarked on their journey together after graduating from high school in Michigan. Following Bill's enlistment in the Air Force, they relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona area, where Bill assumed the role of a manufacturing engineer at a jet engine manufacturing company, while Kathy dedicated herself to raising their two sons at home.

In 1980, they made a significant move to the Memphis area, which marked the beginning of fulfilling careers for both of them at FedEx. Bill's position in Aviation Services took him on adventures around the globe, where he marketed and provided support for FedEx-engineered aircraft modifications to Boeing 727 owners and operators. Meanwhile, Kathy excelled in her role in aircraft records, developing a program that meticulously traced engine life-limited parts to ensure strict compliance with FAA regulations concerning engine serviceability and airworthiness.

Their joint journey reached its ultimate destination in 2003 when they both retired, reflecting upon the remarkable experiences and accomplishments of their careers.



Can you share a favorite hobby or activity that you've picked up or rediscovered during your power years?

"We've found joy in exploring the beauty of nature by hiking the breathtaking waterfalls in the southeastern states, as well as immersing ourselves in history by touring Civil War and historic sites. Kathy's genealogical journey even led her to trace her 3rd great grandfather's path through all four of his Civil War battle engagements here in Tennessee.

Kathy's green thumb keeps her busy. In fact, her courtyard earned her a spot on the 2023 Greater Memphis Area Garden tour and even garnered the attention of the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

In our spare time, we indulge in our shared passion for reading and delving deep into history.

As for me, I've maintained my competitive shooting, enjoying the status of 'Super Senior" and every once in a while beating the youngsters. "

In what ways do you stay engaged with your community or give back to society during your power years?

"Both of us play active roles in our homeowners association, as well as contribute our time and efforts to organizations such as 'No One Alone' and 'Forever Young Veterans.' Additionally, I proudly serve as a Range Safety Officer at my local gun club, ensuring the safety and well-being of fellow enthusiasts."

What advice would you give to others who are entering or are already in their power years, looking to make the most of this stage in life?

"Keep moving, learning, and enjoying life."


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