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Created to support and encourage community members who are entering their “third chapter” of life, The PowerYears Network celebrates individuals who are exploring a new life after retirement. Join us for free sessions every month as we enlighten and empower people looking to live a meaningful life.

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The Power Years Network

Free Monthly Programming

Join us for impactful presentations every month as our vetted speakers provide valuable information.

Complimentary Breakfast

Attendees will be treated with a continental breakfast during each presentation.

Powerful Networking Opportunities

Gather with your friends and peers, and build lasting relationships in your Third Chapter.

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Celebrating the next chapter.

This foundation was created by Pickler Wealth Advisors to support and encourage community members who are entering their “Third Chapter” of life. In today’s world of technological and medical advancements, people are living longer and stronger – they are thriving in their Power Years! And because of this, retirement is not the final chapter for many. Our mission is to enlighten and empower those who are 50-years old and older with robust and appropriate presentations for this age group.

Powerful monthly programming. 

We are in the business of empowering individuals through their golden years. This means creating a roster of powerful topics while featuring engaging speakers. Session topics range from "senior dating" to "health and fitness for seniors" to "finding a job after retirement." We believe this initiative will foster a community of individuals looking to live a meaningful life after retirement.

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Exploring life after retirement. 

While The PowerYears Network is focused on delivering content to individuals who are 50-years old +, the sessions are open to all! Our vetted speakers bring impactful content every month, and attendees have the opportunity to talk with our guest speakers, network with their peers, and build lasting friendships.

Sessions are held on the first Thursday of every month at Pickler Event Centre, and breakfast is always provided to attendees who register in advance.

Stay Empowered.

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